The Apex series of products were created to give our Designers Carte Blanche to choose and develop the ultimate materials for the products.   Whether this is response, strength or the ability to incorporate previously unknown aspects into the designs,  the materials used are chosen to hit specific targets and attributes.


  • Unmatched Bias control.   Kite is as close to the original design as possible.
  • Incredible Bias Recovery.   Kite quickly returns back to it’s original shape after turning.
  • Performance longevity due to the infused laminate.
  • Increased durability compared to other laminated materials, and the ability to be repaired by normal sail repairers.


  • Fastest Turning kites in the range due to the bias elongation.
  • Kite snaps back to shape after loops due to the bias recovery.
  • Amazing stability in the higher end of the wind range due to elongation control.
  • The kite will maintain it’s performance longer due to the 


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NITROA big challenge on kites is to get them to turn, but we were able to introduce a new material Ultra HT. The material is a coating process as opposed to a dipping process and also has larger yarns on warp and weft.   This gives us amazing control over warp and weft elongation, but allows us to have incredible bias elongation and recovery, letting the kite snap back to it’s shape after turning.


Products with Hybrid Frame Products with Lite Frame Products with Apex Frame
Switchblade Moto X Nitro
Contra Aether Drifter
FX2 Contra


Developed to allow for the ultimate in kite response, this laminated material has the highest level of Bias Elongation control and recovery seen in the industry. This allows for the products to twist and turn when needed, but then spring back to the original orientations quickly.