Purpose Built and Designed




Sizes: 105 x 39.5 / 125 x 42.5

The Special Agent is a freeride foilboard like no other. It has been freshly designed for riders wanting performance and simplicity in one easy to use foilboard. The UD carbon, fiberglass construction added to a geometric stringer from tip to tail gives incredible stiffness and responsiveness. The reduction in sizing is made comparable to bigger boards due to an advanced new outline that maximizes its length while the bottom shape adds volume and float to your ride.

The full EVA deck pad with kick tail allow complete freedom of movement and direct board control. Riders using footstraps can utilize the 2 or 3 strap configuration for a fully customizable ride.

The industry standard 9cm new adjustable foil tracks come complete with integrated T-nuts allowing you to finely tune the mast position.

Foil specific board with a minimalist approach and stiffness induced by shaping and construction.


  • UD carbon and fiberglass construction
  • Geometric stringer adds high degree of stiffness for better responsiveness
  • Easy to use and progress
  • Beveled rails for forgiving touch down
  • Strapless, 2 or 3 strap configuration, allows for a fully customizable ride
  • Full EVA deck pad with kick - thick & comfortable
  • Foil tracks with integrated T-nuts - compatible with both industry standard hole patterns
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators

    Included with the board: Foil mounting hardware and full deck pad. (NOTE: 3 or 2 Strap Ultralite Straps with mounting hardware sold separately.  Use the M6 Screws only).


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    Key Features

    Ultra stiff

    A combination of premium carbon & fibreglass materials with progressive geometric stringer result in an exceedingly stiff platform.

    Simple & fun

    An incredibly easy to use board that makes progression fast, fun and care free.

    Bevelled rails

    The forgiving bevelled rail design helps avoid being thrown off on water touch downs and allows a far smoother release off the water.

    Style Selector

    Beginning Foiling


    Intermediate Foiling


    Expert Foiling


    Lift Factor


    Speed Factor/Lean






    geometric Stringer

    The geometric stringer channel creates an incredible amount of stiffness to the board while at the same time provides a ridge on the top of the board for familiar foot placement.

    Adjustable track

    The 9cm adjustable foil track mount with integrated T-nuts allow riders to fine tune the mast position for a custom ride.

    full EVA deck pad

    The fully covered EVA deck pad allows complete foot grip across the entire board