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Sizes: 4'7" x 24" x 4.8" - 80L / 5'3" x 28" x 4.8" - 110L / 5'9" x 32" x 4.8" - 140L / 6"4" x 35" x 4.8" - 170L

One of the most appealing things about wingsurfing is the freedom. Freedom to ride how you want, freedom to ride what you want and freedom to ride where you want.
The Macro Air helps with the latter by giving a premium wing foil board in a compact inflatable package that can fit in the back of any car, or can be carried on any train.
Through the use of the exclusive Synthesis Foil Mount which fuses the upper and lower skins of the board together, we have created the most responsive and highest performing board in this market segment. Turning input and trim is unparalleled in the inflatable realm thanks to the foil plate, which allows the rider to have direct input from their back foot, through the mast, as opposed to relying on threads or rails on a normal drop stitch board.

Inflatable Wing foiling.


  • Synthesis Foil Mount to fuse top & bottom
  • Exceptionally lightweight design
  • Rapid airflow valve system for quick inflation and pack down
  • Tuff-Tex drop stitch construction
  • Strategic foil rocker for safe touch downs
  • Streamlined bottom carry handle
  • 3 or 2 strap insert configuration
  • Direct connect rear inserts for ultimate in response & control
  • Top and bottom centre laminate reinforcements
  • Double wall construction
  • Ultra compact pack down and travel
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
  • Central fin box for optional foilless learning
  • High volume to size ratio

    Included with the board:   m8 T nuts, full deck pad, repair kit, high pressure pump, carry bag (NOTE: straps sold separately).


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    Key Features

    Volume: Size

    Due to the drop stitch design, we have been able to pack a lot of volume into a small sized board. This gives you the ability to ride a smaller more maneuverable board.

    Direct Connect Inserts

    The Direct Connect Rear Inserts put your back foot in direct contact with the Synthesis Foil Mount, giving the ultimate in input & response

    Foil Rocker

    Foil specific rocker line in the nose allows for easier touchdowns and recovery.

    Rapid Flow

    The rapid airflow systems allows for quick inflation and packdown, giving you more time on the water.

    Ultra Compact Packdown

    Due to the Synthesis Foil Mount system design, the Macro Air can pack down into a smaller package than many other inflatable boards on the market

    Strap Configuration

    Choose between 2 straps or 3 strap stance options with a variety of angle degree's, based on your riding style.

    Style Selector

    Beginning Foiling
    Intermediate Foiling
    Expert Foiling
    Lift Factor
    Speed Factor/Lean

    3D View

    Tuff-Tex Construction

    Utilising the highest grade of Drop Stitch technology along with an all over double skin extremity, the Macro Air is one of the most durable and stiffest boards on the market.

    Synthesis Foil Mount

    By fusing the top and bottom skins of the board together through the Synthesis Foil Mount, we eliminated any play and movement normally found with standard drop stitch constructions, and have created the most responsive and highest performing foil board in the inflatable market

    Laminate Stringers

    Strategically placed reinforcements strips on the deck and base add further strength and stiffness to the board, while also helping define and lock in the Foil Rocker.

    Exceptional portability

    Exceptional portability comes as standard due to the small footprint of the Synthesis foil mount. The board, pump and Cab Fusion front wingset packs into the square design easy-carry backpack.