Frances Rivera

NATIONALITY Puertorrican

From Matheson Hammock for flat water to Miami Beach on 75th Street TKS, the Causeway and Virginia Key for some winging days.


Moto X is my go to for fun loops to unhooked tricks and foil sessions. The Xcaliber wood has been my favorite for years with its double concave easing high speed landings, powered loops and inverted tricks.

The Special Agent with the X-Series 700 makes a great, fun, stable kitefoil session.

The Code + the 1300 and the Mantis are my go to for winging  - while I’m still in the beginner stages it’s a great.


Master Discipline:

Freeride. I really enjoy messing around with what the wind allows me to do. Big jumps, loops and board offs on high winds, front, back hand drags In mid winds and unhooking in mid to low wind days.

What is your favorite trick? 

This days I’ve been really into board off’s, front hand drags and dark slides with a grab.

What motivated you to become a professional athlete?

Watersports was the way of life living on an Island; when I found kiteboarding I was absolutely hooked! A couple of years after learning the sport I lost my leg and one thing that made me wake up an look forward to the day was to get back in the water and charge.  I realized there weren’t many adaptive athletes in the sport and made it my goal to show others with or without a disability that you can be part of this amazing discipline and all its variations.

What is #LiveFreeRideFree for you?

#LiveFreeRideFree is the ultimate expression of freedom powered and harnessed by the elements of wind and water. 

Your motto?

If there’s will there’s a way; Everything is possible with focus and determination.

Social media -

Instagram: @la_fran_kite

Facebook: Frances Rivera