Behind the Soundwave Project with Pete Cabrinha

We just launched the Soundwave Project™ in celebration of Cabrinha's 20th year in the industry. In the interview below, Pete Cabrinha talks about the initiative. Enjoy the read!

Pete, what is the story behind the Soundwave Project?

The Soundwave Project is part of Cabrinha’s upcoming 20 year anniversary. In one of many campaigns for the season, the Soundwave Project provides Cabrinha with a way to support ocean minded organizations. The goal is to raise awareness through a campaign that involves two popular channels: Art and Music. In that effort Cabrinha is offering 10 hand painted ukuleles for sale by artists Patrick Dunne and myself. 100% of the proceeds from the campaign will be donated to Non Profit Organizations.

What’s the connection to Lanikai Ukulele?

Lanikai is a beach community in Hawaii in the town where I grew up. It also happens to be the name of one of the most respected Ukulele manufacturers. Lanikai Ukes is helping to support the campaign.

What was your approach to the ukulele artwork?  What were your thoughts behind each piece?

Working with the ukuleles was challenging and fun at the same time. Since they are a fully functioning music instrument I didn’t want to do anything that would affect the musical quality of the piece. That being said, I chose to collage the ukuleles in a technique that I do on much larger pieces. There are many personal photographs on each piece which have many personal stories behind them. Each ukulele is original and unique and has quickly become a special collectors series.

Cabrinha is significantly influenced by music and art. How does this come in to play for the brand?

Music and Art have always been pervasive throughout the Cabrinha staff. Therefore, they both have become part of the fabric of our company. It’s just one of the elements that binds us together and provides motivation, entertainment, and most importantly inspiration behind the Cabrinha collections.

How do you see the Soundwave Project evolving in the next years? 

Judging by the initial response to the Soundwave Project I can see the concept moving outward with involvement by more artists and musicians. It’s very rare when you are able to create a scenario which is a win, win, win situation. The customer wins by purchasing an incredibly unique product. The non-profit organizations win by receiving the financial support. Cabrinha wins through our association with the campaign. And ultimately the planet wins by the attention given to it through the campaign.

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