Cabrinha Quest Reboot

The Cabrinha Quest. The original concept of adventurers Gavin McClurg and Jody Macdonald is on schedule for its third 5 year odyssey. Over the last 10 years, Discovery, a 60 foot Lagoon catamaran has pushed to the far corners of the globe. Circumnavigating the earth for the first 5 years before ‘settling’ in the Pacific Ocean where it explored some of the most remote kitesurfing and surfing locations it has to offer. From Patagonia to Micronesia, the Cabrinha Quest’s mission is to go where few others dare to go. To visit the parts of the planet where life moves at a much more realistic pace. Where the ocean and its inhabitants are least affected by the spoils of population growth and industry. Some of my most memorable moments in life have happened on the Quest.

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Cabrinha Quest. Somewhere in the South Pacific