Life Essentials

Hat… (check). Sunscreen… (check). Smile… (check). Great attitude… (check).

Lisa Cabrinha keeping it simple.

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Kitesurfing Maui

The island of Maui is a phenomenal wind machine. The Tradewinds blow here over 300 days per year which makes Maui one of the worlds best kitesurfing locations. We base our Cabrinha Kitesurfing headquarters here for that very reason.

While the wind is most consistent in the summer months, the North Shore really turns on between the months of October and April. Huge Pacific swells light up the reefs and provide many amazing options for surf.

The surf this week provided a good combination of swell and wind.

Surfing Hawaii

Surfing Hawaii. A show that highlights surfing’s rich and diverse culture is now open at the Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts and Cultural center. I am honored to be featured alongside such great artists.

There are beautiful works by: Carol Bennet, Charlie Lyon, Noble Richardson, Mark Cunningham, Peter Shepard Cole, Wayne Levin, Pohaku Stone, John Severson, Peter Powell, and Ole.

The show is open to the public from December 16, 2018 until February 17, 2019.

Guns N Roses Hawaii

What an amazing weekend. Guns N Roses just wrapped up their Not In This Lifetime tour at the Aloha Stadium. The band was in top form and threw down hard for a 3 1/2 hour show to a packed stadium. A huge Mahalo to Duff and Susan Mckagan and Brian Klein for taking care of the fam. Love you guys.

Surfing Hawaii. Schaefer International Gallery

Dec 16, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019

This exhibition explores our most popular water sport, beginning with Native Hawaiian history and knowledge of he‘e nalu, and the evolution of surf culture in the islands today.

The story continues with the evolution of surf tourism and surf culture in the islands today, as seen with materials from archives, surfboards from collections, and vintage ephemera.

A group of accomplished artists from Hawai‘i, whose work often focuses on themes of surfing, have been invited to create two- and three-dimensional original contemporary works for the exhibit. They include Carol Bennett (Kauai), Pete Cabrinha (Maui), Peter Shepard Cole (O ‘ahu), Mark Cunningham (O‘ahu), Charlie Lyon (Maui), Wayne Levin (Hawai‘i), and Noble Richardson (Maui).


You never know when inspiration will strike. 8:30 pm in the Cabrinha garage, Lisa and Tahiti have a spontaneous jam.


In the studio

Running through the final stages of my work for an upcoming show titled Surfing Hawaii. Surfing Hawaii is an art exhibit at the Schaefer International Gallery focused on Hawaii’s favorite water sport. It’s been a fun project to explore the many ways that surf culture has been driven through the shifting media landscape over the years. More on this to come soon.



Of all the ways you can spend your free time there is no better way than surfing. Today there are unlimited ways to ride a wave which keep this sport fresh and a renewable sense of enjoyment for me. Foilboarding is not new, but recent developments in the wings and boards make it possible to paddle into waves that we didn’t consider surfing in the past. Small waves, powerless waves, windy waves all become fair game with the foil. This is the beginning of yet another new era in the constant evolution of surfing.

Cabrinha Quest Reboot

The Cabrinha Quest. The original concept of adventurers Gavin McClurg and Jody Macdonald is on schedule for its third 5 year odyssey. Over the last 10 years, Discovery, a 60 foot Lagoon catamaran has pushed to the far corners of the globe. Circumnavigating the earth for the first 5 years before ‘settling’ in the Pacific Ocean where it explored some of the most remote kitesurfing and surfing locations it has to offer. From Patagonia to Micronesia, the Cabrinha Quest’s mission is to go where few others dare to go. To visit the parts of the planet where life moves at a much more realistic pace. Where the ocean and its inhabitants are least affected by the spoils of population growth and industry. Some of my most memorable moments in life have happened on the Quest.

For more information about this incredible opportunity visit:

Cabrinha Quest. Somewhere in the South Pacific